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The Power of Pilgrimage

pilgrimageWe are talking about a Pilgrimage which is an ancient form of conscious transformation.  We embark on pilgrimage with a very focused intention.  Of transforming ourselves on many levels.  We break through bonds that constrain us and allow our truth to flow out.  All pilgrimages are a journey and as such start from an idea. A prayer to change to make progress, to complete.  This processes allows us the align aspects of ourselves in the journey. Very few people actually take time for such a journey, perhaps fearing what they might find or what changes may take place.  The special thing about the pilgrimage is that it forces us to change.  It is moving forward it is evolution it is creating something new.  If we take everything we are working with and apply it to the journey then it will be forced into transformation.  It is alchemy on a physical, emotion, mental and spiritual scale!!!


Welcome to Spirit Journey

The heart calls out for it. For a change, for something more real. We search around us, but do not find the thing we are looking for.  There must be something else.  Sometimes it is necessary, to step out of the natural flow of thoughts, of actions and activities.  To go on a pilgrimage to the unknown, to let go of the grip of secure and safe.  It can be scary, because who know what we will find.

If this is the case, than a Spirit Journey is on the cards.  The fact that you are reading this means that there is something inside you yearning for it.  For a connection to something beyond the conscious mind, beyond the normal flow of thoughts.  Beyond meditation and searching for the answer.  Into a space of true knowing of feeling from the inside out. Into a space of trust.

I feel this too and this is why Spirit Journey has been born. What is inside is also outside, so it is a gift to myself and to you. An opportunity to unite with like minded people from all over the world and join in this universal quest.  The quest to uncover the mysteries of the heart. I invite you to join on this epic adventure…..


Inward and Outward Journeys