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6-24 Oct 2016
Rishikesh to Varanasi, India
“Follow the Buddha”
Price: $2800 USD

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SpiritJourney India 16




Past 2015 Spirit Journey to Ladak:

The Spirit Journey is a moving meditation through the most sacred mountains in the world. Traveling as an intentional group supported in heart-song by Kevin James Carroll, we will share our time with each other, connecting through music, chant and heart-centred practices.This is a journey both inwards and outwards. There will be time and space for inward inquiry with daily practices of yoga, pranayama, meditation, music and dance available for those who chose. Outwardly, we will explore ancient temples, sacred caves, majestic mountains, stunning lakes as we camp (luxury style) in some of the most spectacular locations of the Himalayas.We fly together from Delhi to Leh, Ladakh where we transfer directly from the airport to a stunningly located small village called Likir. This is the location of the No Mind festival where we will start this journey with yoga, meditation, silent walks, regular heart song and conscious conversation. This is where we meet each other as a group and get to know each other. We will facilitate some group activities to assist our process of connecting and merging as a group, so that our time spent together is both deep and meaningful.From Likir we will do several day trips to surrounding sites, exploring the ancient temples of Alchi that date back more than a millennia, the incredible monastery at Lamayuru, as well as several lesser known but equally sacred locations.After one week we then transfer to Leh for a night, arrange our permits and then the next day its over the world’s highest road pass (Khardongla) to Nubra Valley.

Over the following 10 days, we will travel in community through the incredible landscape of Ladakh, experiencing a land that can still be felt as timelessly present. We have designed the itinerary this year to have less travel and more time in the locations we visit. At every location we will stop for 2 or 3 nights each, allowing us to have a full day or more exploring on foot, so as to really soak up the atmosphere of where we are.

Kevin will share his sublime music, guiding us through chanting into the heartspace. This both enhances our connection as a group, and also our connection to the sacred environment in which we will be travelling.

The end of our 3 weeks together will be spent in Leh, the capital of Ladakh, where we will be able to explore the mix of ancient and modern all on foot. It’s the only place I know where its possible to travel through the centuries in as little 10 mins. In one moment we are walking through ancient villages just as they have been for hundreds of years, surrounded by fields and flowers, the next moment back into the hubbub of a modern town with coffee shops and pizza ovens. We will guide you through the various treasures of this town, as there is a lot to experience and much of it is easy to miss, if you don’t know where to look.

Kevin James Carroll


Weaving ancient Mantra’s with his own prayers and hearts song, Kevin draws upon influences from traditional Indian Kirtan, Bhajans, Celtic and Sufi chants mixed with western folk sounds and world instruments.

Since 2003, he has been leading chanting circles in and around Byron Bay, Australia as well as many other parts of the world as he travels the globe sharing his vision of heart centred connection and oneness.

Practicing Bhakti Yoga (The yoga of devotion) since his first visit to India in 1990, Kevin James now leads chanting circles and workshops in yoga festivals and studios all over the world.

“Chanting heart songs, mantra and Kirtan brings us back home, into alignment with the heart, quickly, easily and with so much joy. It connects us, stills the mind and raises our conscious awareness out of our illusionary, habitual thought patterns into the heart, where we can see who we really are. It’s an honor to be co-creating this journey into the heart of one with you…” ~ KJC

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Visit Ladakh, and experience their long standing connection to Tibetan culture and Tibetan Buddhism

7-Day ‘No Mind’ Festival at Likir with Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Heartsong and more

Travel overland to Sacred Lakes, Cave Retreats, High Mountain Passes and Luxury Camps in the Himalayas

Explore the ancient capital of Leh, a meeting place of cultures for millennia

Daily Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Music, Kirtan, Ecstatic Dance

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No-Mind Festival

The No-Mind Festival is an annual event held at the No-Mind Homestay in Likir Village, Ladakh.  The festival will involve 3 workshops a day in yoga, meditation and dance. We will all live and eat communally at the No-Mind Homestay, a place of peace and evolution envisioned by Unmani, a visionary women who has been visiting and living in Ladakh for over 20 years. It is living vision of acceptance, creation and manifestation.

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Russell Collins (Siddhartha)

russ-solangRussell been travelling to and leading groups in the Indian Himalayas since 1992, and has based himself there for half a year for most of the last decade. His journey of inner exploration took him to Tibetan Buddhism, Osho and now to the simple experience of meditation in all aspects of life. His current passion is sharing the magic of Himalayan travel and sacred places with others, and wherever possible, he likes doing this from his trusty Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle.

Alex Grant

AlexAlex has had past lives in these mountains and is being called back to connect up paradigms of time and space. He has travelled to India 6 times including a journey with Siddhartha riding classic motorcycles through the Himalayas. He is the co-creator of the Byron Spirit Festival and founder of findyoga.com.au. He has been practicing yoga for 18 years and teaching for 10. He is a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist and loves to offer his services while on tour to those in need. He will be facilitating morning yoga every day on the journey.



Chetana has been travelling to and meditating in India for nearly 2 decades, spending long months in silent retreats on many occasions. She is deeply familiar with the ways of India, and knows how to feel into each situation with loving care, kindness and understanding. She will be available to hold space for meditation for those who are interested to learn from someone who has deeply integrated a meditative lifestyle into her daily life.


Tanzin Bodh


Tanzin is a Himalayan native, being a descendant of Tibetan nomadic horsemen, who has been working on tours with Russell since the mid 90’s. As a partner in Yak Trak India, he provides the local support, knowledge and insight that always gets our groups where they need to be in the safest way possible. His presence and compassion was a highlight for many people on the Spirit Journey to Ladakh in 2014, and we love having him on board all of our journeys.



  • Itinerary

    Day 1. Fly into Leh, Ladakh. Transfer to our deluxe guesthouse in Likir village, one hour from Leh. (Feel free to arrive earlier for additional time and acclimatisation in Ladakh.)

    Day 2 – 6. No-Mind Festival at Likir. We’ll get to know the rest of our group through yoga, meditation, chanting, day walks, ecstatic dance, shared meals and quiet time. This is our time to connect, acclimatise and adjust to the high energy of this stunning Himalayan region.

    Day 7. Transfer to Leh where we spend a day and night while we organise our permits for Nubra Valley. We’ll keep the group fairly contained and enjoy a few of the treats of being in the capital, such as Wifi and cafe’s.

    Day 8 – 10. Transfer to Hunder Village in Nubra Valley, via Khardongla Pass (the world’s highest road pass) where we will make offerings to the local deities and share the excitement of being at 5600m. From our base in Hunder Village at a luxury Eco Camp with organic food grown on site, we’ll explore a little of this ancient region, an important point on the old Silk Route. We can enjoy walks to old monasteries, visit the local palace, ride on a Bactrian Camel (2 humps) and as always, continue our yoga, meditation and chanting.

    Day 11. Visit Panamik Hot Springs in a side valley of the Nubra Region, return to Hunder for evening meal and chanting.

    Day 12. Transfer from Nubra Valley over Warila Pass (5300m) to the stunning Shakti Village, where we stay in a beautiful resort atmosphere. This pass is a natural wonderland where we will see plenty of Yak and Marmots at high altitude.

    Day 13. Visit Tak Tok Gompa with a sacred cave retreat once used by Guru Rinpoche. We will schedule time here to meditate together inside the cave gompa. Also, visit Chemrey Monastery on the other side of the valley, a large and spectacular Tibetan monastery with a museum.

    Day 14. Transfer to Pangong Lake, an incredible high altitude lake that traverses the Indo-Tibetan border, and which is always changing colours and reflecting the most incredible scenes. We spend 2 nights here in our deluxe tent camps, and will share sacred moments in heart song in this amazing location.

    Day 15. Spend a day in quiet reflection, enjoying the pristine nature of this region and the lake.

    Day 16. Transfer to Leh, the capital of Ladakh, where we settle into our comfortable guesthouse for the last part of the journey.

    Day 17 – 20. Leh, Ladakh: We spend these 4 days in a relaxed retreat atmosphere within the comfort of our guesthouse, enjoying the delights of a bustling town, with plenty of walks, several museums, the ancient palace and old town to explore… along with all the shopping and food delights to be explored. We will divide the time with various guided activities and plenty of free time for you to explore on your own.

    Day 21. Departure flights to Delhi, or extend your stay here to enjoy Ladakh for as long as you like.


    NOTE: We reserve the right to make adjustments to the itinerary to suit local conditions and to keep everyone in a safe and comfortable environment.

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